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Introducing Pipeline DevShop

“Before coding, I had no knowledge of it at all. It was very unfamiliar to me but jumping into it it’s a real attention grabber because while you can make your own stuff and you get paid for it at the same time so if you are really dedicated to making your own stuff, web designing for people and pleasing the customer, I think that's the good part.”

Kente Cooper

Code Differently Pipeline Devshop is a paid work based learning experience for high school students who live in New Castle County. Youth participants are immersed in a workplace culture that mimics a professional development shop work environment. Participants learn first hand about coding, software development practices, team collaboration and soft skills. We use our innovative learning methods to spark self-teaching and learning sustainability, which are key disciplines to stay abreast of the latest trends in tech. With the help of our partners, organic relationships with future employers and universities are created by inviting industry guest presenters.

Our program includes several stackable skills that position our youth employees to become well-rounded technologists. During the program, youth participants will work on projects that will provide them real life experience as a jr. software engineer.


Each Lesson Builds Upon Confidence And Skills Needed To Understand And Enjoy Technology.

What We Do

  • Create a workplace culture that mimics a professional dev shop work environment
  • Immerse students in technology product development and core skills training
  • Teach students learning methods that will spark self-teaching and learning sustainability.
  • Provide professional and personal brand development coaching
  • Create organic relationships with future employers and universities by inviting industry leader guest presenters and collaborating with meetup groups. Each lesson builds upon the confidence and skills needed to understand and enjoy technology.

Program Benefits

  • Expand and aligned student’s skills to market need
  • Deepen Community and Company relationships with future technologist
  • Increase student interest in technology, which could translate into increased enrollment and retention in technology aligned education programs
  • Foster a pathway to increased diversity in the fastest growing industry
  • Create alumni network that will empower a community of learners

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