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Our mutually beneficial relationships make immediate diversity, equity and inclusion talent acquisition impacts. With key partnerships, Code Differently plans to continue to expand workforce development training and employment opportunities to local communities across multiple states.

Benefits of Partnership

It is our mission to create and participate in an ecosystem of technology-focused resources through creative programming and partnerships, aimed at building an inclusive pipeline of talent that is positioned for the current and future workforce needs. We are proud that 100% of Code Differently workforce development programming classes have been provided at no cost to participants. Simply said, our partners help us remove barriers to access, learning and employment.

Other Benefits To Our Program Partnerships Include:

  • All participants receive computers, software, and technology accessories needed to be successful during and post-training.
  • Over 50% of Code Differently participants have received a livable wage during training.
  • 95% of participants receive job offers or continue education in technology.
  • All trainees must complete application requirements (application, baseline testing, interviews, and background checks) to be considered for our competitive program.
  • All participants received comprehensive professional, technical, and workforce development training prior to joining our hiring partners.
  • Student support services are available and provided to all participants throughout their career pathways.
  • Hiring Partners will not pay a placement or conversion fee for fully funded Code Differently Workforce participants.
  • We partner with hiring companies to ensure that graduates meet your company’s needs and exceed expectations.
  • By partnering with Code Differently, together we can increase diversity, equity, and inclusions in technology careers.

How Can Code Differently Add Value To Your Company:

A Broader Pipeline Of Talent:

Access a diverse pool of candidates and tap into a pipeline of bright, skilled, and talented workers needed for today's jobs and those of the future.

Diversity That Fuels Creativity:

Drive your company forward with prospects that have fresh perspectives and ideas.

Offer In-Demand Technical Skills:

We keep participants engaged by fostering more in-depth learning of principles and concepts.

Stronger, Career Ready Prospects:

We help participants develop a sense of ownership of their new skill set by providing opportunities for them to develop real technology solutions.

Low Hiring Risk With Our Effective Screening:

Code Differently offers a more effective way to screen and assess potential hires. Through our programs, we make sure our candidates are ready to make an impact immediately.


Our Partners & Supporters

Below are some of the companies, schools and organizations that we're proud to have as our partners and sponsors. Learn more about how to partner with us and start filling your job openings with skilled, talented, and knowledgeable software engineers today by contacting us!

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