What is Code Differently?

Code Differently provides hands on training and education that gives participants the technical and cognitive skills they need to excel in technology-driven workplaces. We are end-to-end talent developers. We specialize in preparing underrepresented people and communities for successful, high-wage careers in technology by making sure they not only master the cutting-edge technical capabilities required in today’s job market but also build the mindsets, interpersonal skills, and confidence to succeed.

Where is Code Differently based?

We are based in Wilmington, Delaware, however, we 100% of our educational material is delivered in a remote and virtual work setting. Just as tech sector workers are moving to completely remote working situations, we are making sure our students do, too. We set up our students for success by using fully-remote work environments that reflect the reality of today’s increasingly global, mobile, and flexible workforce.

I have zero programming experience. Can I still complete this program?

Yes! Our ReturnReady program is designed for all skill levels. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are learning and challenged, no matter your prior experience. We do recommend that you have basic computer literacy knowledge to start off strong.

What programs are available?

The Return Ready program full-time cohort prepares students for entry-level job in fields like front-end/back-end/full stack software development, social media, digital marketing, WordPress development, and more!

Ideal Candidate Characteristics:

  • All levels of exposure to coding or software development
  • Committed to learning and taking initiative
  • Interest in technology, design, building products or problem solving

How long does a program run?

The Return Ready Programs vary in length and time. Please check our Return Ready page for more details on the upcoming cohort 

What certificate do I receive after graduating?

Students receive a Certificate of Completion upon graduation of our program.

I'm curious about a policy I don’t see listed here, where can I learn more?

All of our policies can be found in our Enrollment Agreement which will be provided prior to program acceptance. For more information please contact


How much does a program cost?

Code Differently provides all equipment, paid licenses, books and supplies for use during the program to decrease participants’ financial obligations during the course of the program. There is no additional cost to the students for these items. All items provided to students for the program are the property of Code Differently. Items provided by Code Differently must be returned upon termination, withdrawal, or graduation. There is no fee for registration or application. Based on the different lengths of the programs, the cost is broken down by program:

If you are unemployed or underemployed due to COVID, your training costs are covered through November 12, 2021.

Do you offer financing options?

Code Differently does not offer direct financial assistance. If grants and/or financing become available, information will be provided to students upon request.

How do I pay for the program?

Tuition is due by the first day of the program. Tuition can be paid in by check, money order or electronic payment. If any checks tendered by the student are returned due to insufficient funds, a return check fee in the amount of thirty dollars ($30.00) will then be due and payable from the student to Code Differently. Code Differently will charge a two percent (2%) surcharge (the “Surcharge”) on tuition paid with a credit card.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

For students that voluntarily or involuntarily terminate participation in the program, all items provided by Code Differently must be returned. For voluntary termination of the program, students must submit a written request to Student Services. Termination dates will be based on the last date of attendance.

Additional details about our cancellation and refund policy can be found in the Enrollment Agreement which will be provided prior to program acceptance


How do I know if I qualify for a program?

Our StayReady program is designed for:

  • Adults over the age of 18 at the time of enrollment
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Residents of Delaware
  • Anyone with a passion for IT and a drive to learn more

If that’s you, then we encourage you to apply to Code Differently! If you are under 18 and still in high school, check out our Pipeline Program.

Do I need prior experience or training?

We don’t require you to have prior experience to apply for any of our programs. We expect students from all experience levels will apply to our programs, so prior experience does not factor into the admission decision. We are not looking for candidates who know everything already, we are looking for individuals who are interested in technology and are driven to learn more.

What is the application process like?

The first step is to sign up, this will begin the on-boarding process. You will have to fill out an application and an online assessment. After that, you will be invited to schedule a behavioral interview with our team, which will help us understand your learning needs, technical interests, and career goals. Then, your application will be processed and you will receive an admissions decision in a few days. If you move forward in the process, you will be required to complete intake documentation prior to the start of class.

What is the Assessment?

The assessment does not test for coding or technology experience, but instead measures basic computer literacy skills. The assessment should take anywhere between 10-30 minutes to complete.

What is the Behavioral Interview?

The behavioral interview helps us to understand your learning needs, technical interests, and career goals. We use this to ensure that our programming is the right fit for the student’s needs.

What is the Prep-Work?

The prep-work is material that is required of students to complete before moving into the technical concepts taught. Since students will be coming from different technical backgrounds, the prep-work is designed to review important concepts and common technical skills so that all students will enter each cohort with a common technical understanding.

Completion of the prep-work is required to begin a cohort. If a student does not complete the prep-work within the time expressed, their admission could be impacted.

Is there a deadline to apply?

No deadline, but we recommend applying sooner vs later! We accept students on a rolling admission process. Cohorts also begin on an on-going basis.

Am I considered Unemployed/Underemployed?

We define unemployed as not currently employed. This includes individuals furloughed and/or still employed but position impacted by COVID-19 and may or may not be eligible for UI. Underemployed defined as individuals who are not currently connected to a full-time job; commensurate with the individual’s level of education, skills, or wage and salary earned previously, or who have obtained only low-wage, episodic, short term, or part-time employment.

Am I considered impacted by COVID?

Impacted by COVID may include but not be limited to (a) Employment or income (including individual or in the household/family) has been affected by COVID-19; (b) Lives with or is an individual considered high risk for COVID-19; (c) Lack of work history and/or technical skills and due to large influx of jobseekers, not able to find suitable employment at a living wage; (d) Home obligations require new employment (e.g. working from home)

I have a question not listed here, can I chat with someone on the admissions team?

Absolutely! There is a chat option on our website that will connect you directly with an admissions coordinator.


How do I know if I qualify for a program?

Our StayReady program is designed for:

  • Adults over the age of 18 at the time of enrollment
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Residents of Delaware
  • Anyone with a passion for IT and a drive to learn more

If that’s you, then we encourage you to apply to Code Differently! If you are under 18 and still in high school, check out our Pipeline Program.

What will I learn?

Our adult programming includes three key components: (1) online courses, (2) work-based project, and (3) career readiness. These components help our participants overcome the barriers they face in getting applied training that is applicable, navigating the application process, and transitioning into a professional IT job.

What is in the Software Development track?

Students will learn the fundamentals of software development using Java. Java is one of the most in-demand languages used in software development. In this track students will learn the core language concepts and development practices while learning about the paradigm of writing software for the web.

What is in the Website Design and Development track?

Students will learn how to build websites using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These three languages are use to build all modern web pages and will prepare students for a career as an entry-level web developer.

What is in the Website Developer and Marketing Automation track?

Students will learn how to build websites using HTML, CSS, and WordPress. These three languages are use to build all modern web pages and will prepare students for a career as an entry-level web developer or similar fields.

What are online classroom expectations?

Friendliness, honesty and mutual respect are presumptions of the Code Differently organization. It is essential for all staff and trainees to uphold these values through rules designed to protect the freedom to teach and learn. Trainees enrolled at Code Differently are expected to learn, participate and lead in a professional manner that shows respect for instructors, staff and peers. The Student Code of Conduct is to be developed to guide all in understanding the obligations as participants of this program. The Student Code of Conduct must be reviewed and signed prior to admissions into the program.

What's a typical day like?

A typical day is split into two halves: (1) instruction and live demos; and (2) lab and support. The instructional period will teach new material and give students the opportunity to see concepts implemented live by our instructional staff. During the lab portion of the day students will be practicing writing code and growing their development skills; students will also be regularly meeting with the instructional staff for help sessions and check-ins. During these periods, students will be expected to be on video call between 1-2 hours at a time. Coursework is managed like a real-world development environment and students will also be expected to self-manage and complete 4-6 hours of remote work per day.

Is there an attendance policy?

Code Differently Platform students are expected to exhibit timely and regular attendance. Software development is a very hands-on and interactive field, so regular attendance to courses ensures that students get the most out of our program. Attendance will be tracked daily. Students are expected to be present for class, on time, every day. Regular attendance and punctuality are important to the success of completing the program. Arriving late, being tardy, or absence causes disruptions in your learning and the learning of others. Additional details about the attendance policy can be found in the Enrollment Agreement.

Is there a default time zone for class?

All of our classes are labeled according to New York time (EST/EDT).

I won't be able to attend class and/or lab, what can I do?

Students are granted no more than 3 absences during the program. 

Do you record the classes and labs?

We do not record our course offerings, students must attend in real time.

Career Services

Will I be prepared for a career in tech after graduation?

Participants will receive two types of career training: 1) how to be ready for and conduct a successful job search, and 2) how to be ready to succeed once hired. Job search training will include elements of resume building, interviewing, networking, and navigating job search platforms. Workplace training will focus on building “soft skills” such as how to conduct a team meeting, how to develop follow ups tasks and collaborate with others, and how to integrate in work cultures. Participants create a full profile on Delaware JobLink and participate in a virtual session ensuring they can navigate the system and use it for their own job search.

How will I navigate starting a new career?

To help participants manage and leverage their career options, they will receive regular mentorship with a career coach. Career coaches will work with participants to assess their professional strengths and guide them towards a career that aligns with their technical training. Employer partners will be guest instructors for technical and career readiness material. This allows them to become familiar with the participants and their talents, as well as for the participants to build an organic relationship with potential employers. When a participant is ready to apply for a tech career job, we partner with the career coach and resume writers to help the students create a competitive resume and portfolio that will make them stand out in the job market. 

Will I be prepared to interview for technical jobs?

Since passing interviews is a vital and rigorous part of applying for a tech job, we offer behavior and technical interview preparation to all participants so that they enter their first official interview prepared. Students will conduct regular mock behavioral and technical interviews to help practice their interviewing skills. This increases the chances of a successful tech interview and receiving a job offer.

What types of employers do you work with?

Code Differently leveraging our network of employer partners where graduates will have the opportunity to meet with and potentially interview with companies who have immediate needs, including local employers and companies seeking remote workers.

What is the hiring process like?

Once a student has sufficiently prepared for the technical and behavioral interviewing process with hiring companies, we begin facilitating the students’ job application process. Code Differently will work with our partnering employers to match a participant to positions that are available and match their interests and strengths.

Code Differently will coordinate the majority of participants’ interviews, a participant’s application will be processed quickly and the participant will immediately begin the application process. The job application is determined by each company, so students may have to go through multiple rounds of assessments, behavioral, or technical interviews before they reach a hiring decision. Once a company extends a job offer, a participant may accept and expect to begin working soon after graduating from the program.

When will companies be hiring?

Companies will start interviewing students a few weeks before the end of the cohort.

What is an average salary for the programs?

These are averages for the positions. Student salaries may differ depending on position, company, or location.

Software Development: An entry-level salary for this track is about $70,000 per year on average.

Website Design and Development: An entry-level salary for this track is about $51,000 per year on average.