Bridging The Gap Between Tech and People

We continuously study the dynamics of career seekers, employers, allies, and barriers to develop career program solutions that benefit communities and employers.

Founded in July 2018, Code Differently is an approved private & business trade school in New Castle County, Delaware focusing on increasing diversity in tech through innovative programming that meets the needs of the participant and partners. Code Differently was created by local entrepreneurs with the goal of creating a learning organization that can create a collective passion to add diversity in tech and bridge the gap between education and local market needs by equipping communities with the skills needed to excel in the 21st century. It is our mission to create or participate in an ecosystem of technology-focused resources through creative programming and partnerships. In addition, Code Differently aims at building an inclusive pipeline of talent that is positioned for the current and future workforce needs; and together, we can move the needle of diversity in tech.

About Code Differently

  • We are a certified private business and trade school.
  • We are a certified registered apprentice program.
  • We are a certified minority and women owned business.
  • We are a certified economically disadvantaged business.

Code Differently Workforce Development Programs

  • Pipeline Devshop: 12–18 month paid work-based learning experience for high school students.
  • 1000 Kids Coding: 2 month rapid skills gap and interview prep technical training program for technology early learners or career enhancers.
  • Stay Ready: 3 month immersive technical training program for technology degree seeking collegestudents primarily attending HBCUs and HSI’s.
  • Return Ready: 14 week or 6 month immersive technical training program for adult career changers.
About Us

Simplifying The Pathway To Increase Diversity In Tech.

Code Differently wants to understand the dynamics of the communities that we look to impact; including people, programs, employers, allies, and barriers. We want to develop programs that meet the needs of the people vs rely on people to meet the needs of our programs. By partnering with organizations, we can connect to critical masses of people and remove barriers that may be impeding progress.

About Us

Developing The Next Generation Of Technologists!

The Code Differently programs were created because we wanted to make sure we are investing in the next generation of technologists. We are creating an immersive, real world experience for students to get at a younger age so they will be empowered to be in tech in the future.

About Us

Align Your Skills To The Fastest Growing Occupation In America.

Code Differently is much more than a learning organization that helps jumpstart participants' careers. We expose them to new skills, offer workforce training programs, and help them become ready for the tech industry; challenging them by providing hands-on technical training and education that gives participants the technical and cognitive skills needed to excel in technology-driven workplaces.

The impetus for Code Differently was born out of our own personal experiences, as both the founders grew up in tech deserts and as decision makers in the tech hiring space. We are tech entrepreneurs with a collective passion for bridging the gap between education and local market needs. We know firsthand the impact lack of access to tech skills and technical training has on securing future employment and navigating our tech-focused world. That’s why Code Differently is committed to reversing the statistical trends we see for communities that are under-represented in technology.

Together, we can move the needle on diversity in tech.

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