Not every child will enter a career in technology, but all children should have a basic understanding of how technology works and how it’s built — preferably at an early age. By tying software to the real world, we’re able to show youth the tactical purposes of technology from a wide, holistic lens. Before we teach students how to build a self-sustaining flower pot, for example, they’ll need to know about the specific needs of the plant they want to grow.

We know that the earlier coding skills and core values are introduced, the more likely they are to stick — especially if the experience is enjoyable. We want to make learning how to code as fun as learning how to play an instrument: By placing the tools directly in students’ hands, preparing them with the skills they need to use them and allowing them room to experiment and build.

With proper guidance, of course. Our award-winning instructors bring substantive experience and know-how to the table, offering invaluable mentorship opportunities and exposure to local entrepreneurs and technologists who use these skills every day. Plus, students will have a chance to meet, learn about and work with our community and corporate partners.